Being good: how consumer brands become great by doing good.

Consumer brands get easily entangled in the good-better-best game of superlatives. They’re trying so hard to market themselves as better or best in their respective categories to chase after business. They’re chasing their tails. A soulless search for business that is easily stolen by the competition’s next sales promotion.

All you really need to do to be successful is be good. And if you’re good, you’ll do good. We meant good, not just well. Word of your do-gooding can spread quickly. It makes friends and silences enemies. Now, you’re mother thinks you can do no wrong. She thinks the good in you comes out naturally, but every day, doing good is a choice. If you are a decision-maker in business, you’re not just choosing to be a good person. You’re choosing to be a good brand. Doing what is right just became an integral part of your marketing communication.

What does the plan include? At every touchpoint, consumers should experience the good you do. Good should occupy a central position in the consumer experience. When products and services do good… When customer service does good… When your brand’s social mission accomplishes good… You occupy a place in consumers’ hearts. You didn’t have to claw for better or best position. You just had to be good — do good.

Every facet of your marketing should illustrate your goodness. Advertising should demonstrate it. Your social media presence should make it easier for others to follow and share it. Your public relations efforts should earn opportunities to discuss it. Each one of these efforts should work together, share objectives and follow an integrated marketing communication plan.

You can succeed and do no good, but would you make the morning commute just for that? Choose to do what’s right, and you’ll win over consumers and make your mom proud.

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